Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spend Black Friday at home, online for the best deals!

I don't like crowds. I especially don't like crowds that are hyped up. I stay at home on Black Friday, and still get the best deals of the year. Here's how:

$5 off your first purchase at Use code ROQ627! GOOD YEAR ROUND!

Amazon's Black Friday Deals!

Free shipping & Black Friday Discount at Macy's. Use code PERK.

Free shipping and 10 days of Thanksgiving sale at

If you must go out, be sure to use these printable coupons via The Bargainist!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Money-saving Websites

As a tireless bargain hunter, I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to save. Because I'm also a bit of a homebody and an introvert, much of that savings is found online. My latest finds:

RetailMeNot: Created by the folks behind BugMeNot (a great privacy saver), this is a searchable database containing coupon codes for zillions of online stores. Like any really good system, it also allows you to add your coupon codes to the database for others to use, and has a feedback system that tells you what is working and what isn't. Search by store or by keyword.

JungleCrazy is a site associated with that holds a database of products that are 70% or more off the retail price! There are some seriously amazing deals here.

And now to list some of my old, tried and true favorites (you'll also find these on the sidebar):

The Bargainist - offers sales info, freebies and coupon codes on tons of stores, as well as some good articles on saving money. They also have an email subscription service that allows you to get your choice of bargain info delivered to your inbox.

Bookmooch - A place to swap the books you have for the books you want.

SwapaCD - is a site designed to allow you to trade your old, unlistened-to CDs for the things you really want to hear.

SwapaDVD - is the same as above, but for DVDs!

Craigslist - Look to the Craigslist nearest you for bargains and freebies on new and used items of every description.

Happy Hunting!